Community Service


The pharmacy is among the most respected and trusted of the professions. Plus, as highly visible members of the healthcare community, pharmacists are in a unique position to impact large numbers of people through patient education, counsel and community outreach. Owners Phil Hagerman and Jeff Rowe, both pharmacists as well as company and community leaders, built Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy on a foundation of patient service and community service. Giving back to the communities where our employees live and work is entrenched in Diplomat’s culture and reflected in the passion of the 980 people who comprise the Diplomat team.*

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*980 full and part time employees as of December 31, 2013

Learn about our community service efforts
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Each investment in our workforce is an investment in our local community.

We believe that in order to look forward, you have to take a look back and honor your history. Our company’s CEO, Phil Hagerman, founded Diplomat with his father in Flint, Michigan, where we remain today. In this Michigan Advantage video, he explains why: “We’ve always had great roots in Genesee County and as the company started to expand… we believed that this community was the right place to stay.”

We’re committed to creating jobs in Flint and across the country at our many locations. In 2012, Inc. Magazine’s Hire Power Awards honored that commitment by naming us as one of the nation’s Top 100 Job Creators.

The power of teamwork

To better support patients, Diplomat often joins forces with other organizations to develop solutions. For example, we partnered with CareSource Michigan and the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan (NKFM) to deliver the first comprehensive chronic kidney disease program incorporating both disease management and medication therapy management.

This program was implemented through Diplomat’s Chronic Kidney Disease Navigator, a proprietary program that is part of Diplomat’s industry-leading eNAV® system. We also value and support the NKFM Kids’ Camp and drug bank program.

Our employees, inspired by a culture that supports creative community outreach, develop their own charitable giving programs through monthly jeans day programs and other initiatives.

Helping hands

Insurance co-pays are changing rapidly, especially for specialty medications. Patients increasingly face caps and limits on drug coverage that prevent them from either obtaining or continuing their medications. In certain cases, this is a life or death issue. In all cases, it’s a quality of life issue. That’s why we regard funding assistance as a fundamental part of our mission to serve patients.

Diplomat works within every disease state to assist patients with co-pays and medication access. We do so through an extensive network of external funding sources and our own 501(c)(3) organization, Diplomat Helping Hands Foundation.

Our commitment helped us obtain more than $15.4 million in funding for this purpose in 2011 alone.

Support for Haiti

In the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti, Diplomat wanted to do its part to contribute to relief efforts.

In January 2010, we donated prescription medications and financial assistance to Paul Vanek, M.D., a Cleveland-area physician who traveled to Haiti to provide medical relief services.

A Diplomat pharmacist in the Cleveland office spearheaded the effort, allowing Diplomat to ship thousands of doses of antibiotics, antihistamines and other necessary medications and nutritional supplements to victims and survivors in Haiti for distribution through Dr. Vanek.

St. Luke’s

Flint, Michigan, the headquarters of Diplomat, has experienced a significant decline over the past decade due to transformative restructuring and downsizing within the auto industry. To counter that, and because of Diplomat’s longstanding loyalty to and belief in the City of Flint, much of our community rebuilding initiatives are focused on outreach in the City and surrounding areas.

Through Diplomat’s efforts and those of other area business leaders, the NEW Life scrub business came to the attention of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), which is now supporting the program through its Community Ventures, a targeted effort to help structurally unemployed individuals pursue career opportunities at Michigan companies.