Managed Care

‘High-touch care’ is a buzzword in the managed care industry today.

But not all high-touch programs are made equal.

At Diplomat, our managed care coordinators reach out to our patients no less than once a month, allowing for a more proactive approach to ensure optimal clinical outcomes and an improved quality of life. Real people talking to real people, one patient at a time — that’s the way we’ve taken care of patients for nearly 40 years.

We extend that same high-touch service level to our partners. We work closely with our employer groups, health plans, and pharmacy benefit management organizations, pharmacy consultants, unions and hospital systems.

We customize a specialty pharmacy program that fits best into their benefit design — for both immediate and long-term savings, and better patient care.

Our managed care support offerings:

  • Comprehensive care and quality management of specialty pharmaceuticals within the pharmacy and medical benefit
  • Full collaboration with each patient’s entire health care team Innovative exact-dose dispensing programs for high-cost orals
  • Standard reporting, including measures for adherence, cost savings, and clinical results
  • Full transparency, so partners have access to real-time prescription status for their patients
  • Proven outcomes, with patient satisfaction, physician satisfaction and drug-cost savings Industry accreditations
  • Hospital and retail pharmacy support services
  • Patient Advocacy Team, to help patients manage complex treatment regimens, physician visits and insurance concerns
  • Pharmacist access 24/7, 365 days a year 340b expertise
  • No auto-refills: instead, a proactive model of care that delivers clinical outcomes with optimal cost-effectiveness
  • Drug therapy management programs, targeting the leading chronic disease states
  • Facilities with top-of-the-line production automation
  • Specialty infusion expertise with nurse support nationwide