Pharma Manufacturers

Supporting the introduction of important new medications

Diplomat is the largest privately owned pharmacy in the United States. We provide specialty medications and support to individuals with chronic illnesses requiring complex, high-cost treatment. Working with pharmaceutical manufacturer partners, we can help introduce new and more easily accessible medications to physicians, patients, and managed care organizations.
Our teams work with pharmaceutical manufacturer partners through all stages of their product lifecycle. From research and clinical trials to product launch and educational outreach, we take an active role in the entire process.

Our services

Our medication management programs are setting new industry standards for efficiency, making them especially amenable a range of services, including:

  • Customized packaging programs for specific medications and therapies
  • Targeted pilot programs
  • Product launch support and increased pull through
  • Clinical trial assistance, including product distribution and packaging
  • Full reporting capabilities


In addition, our high-tech, high-touch patient model helps achieve the optimal adherence and persistency outcomes necessary for a successful launch and market share growth. Features include:

  • Expert funding and reimbursement assistance
  • Personal patient orientation and counseling
  • Proactive, verified refill reminders
  • Automated physician consultations and coordination
  • Utilization and adherence assessments
  • Localized nationwide nursing support

Product launch support

Before and during the launch of a therapy, our staff works with pharmaceutical manufacturer partners to develop a deep understanding of their product, introduce it into the marketplace, and improve acceptance.

Our condition-specific care teams include specialty pharmacists, nurses, patient care coordinators, and reimbursement specialists. Because members of these dedicated care teams specialize in particular conditions, it’s easier for them to acquire the knowledge and expertise to support the launch of a new therapy.

Our support extends into marketing and educational materials, as well. If necessary, we can develop a range of informative materials to share with patients, physicians, and managed care clients.

And finally, we help our partners understand the payor landscape, including insurance coverage, Medicaid and Medicare, documentation, pricing, and more.

Drug selection and management

Our top priority is to simplify the challenges to patients with serious and chronic diseases, while helping them stay on track with their medication therapy.

Our programs provide a single point of contact, simplifying access for patients, their physicians, and representatives from pharmaceutical manufacturer partners. In addition, our programs offer the following advantages:

Specialized storage and shipping

We keep our inventory in modern, temperature-controlled facilities and follow packaging and handling protocols designed to maintain product integrity.


We can support distribution of therapies to a physician’s office for administration. We can also support patient assistance programs and wholesaler support services for specialty medications.

Benefit research

Our reimbursement specialists explain coverage and pharmacy options to our patients.

Triage services

We can route prescriptions to a participating pharmacy and notify the doctor, patient, and/or clearinghouse.