One convenient program ensures comprehensive care

We developed our Hemophilia Navigator program to address the complexity of bleeding disorders and seriousness of care required. It’s one more way we can assist you at every step of the way, from your initial referral to ongoing training to managing your particular bleeding disorder

Lead by more than 50 years in the bleeding disorders community, our hemophilia care team works closely with patients, providers, healthcare payors, pharmaceutical companies, and suppliers to coordinate the best treatment possible. Through our Hemophilia Navigator program, you benefit from a single point of contact, making it easier to manage your condition and reach us quickly when you’re in need. It also ensures that you receive your medications and related products on time, every time.

The Diplomat Hemophilia Navigator program is also an in-depth resource connecting patients, families, and community members with information about bleeding disorders and related complications. You’ll find information about clotting-factor products, supplies, pain medications, community resources, and more.

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What is a Bleeding Disorder?


“Bleeding disorder” is used to describe a wide range of medical problems that lead to poor blood clotting and continuous bleeding.

It is also referred to as coagulopathy, abnormal bleeding, and a clotting disorder.

Prevention and treatment for bleeds


Learning how to stop bleeding when it occurs is an important part of living life with a bleeding disorder.

Read about preventative measures, treating minor bleeds, what to do in the event of a major bleed, and other considerations.

Medications and Supplies


At Diplomat, we understand the complexities and seriousness of bleeding disorders.

Read about the treatments, custom compounding solutions, and ancillary supplies that we can provide to patients nationwide.

Hetty A. Lima, R.Ph., FASHP

Vice President, Specialty Infusion Services

Hetty is a registered pharmacist who has been involved in the home infusion/specialty pharmacy arena for 29 years. She, her husband, and two sons are no strangers to the bleeding disorders community. They all have von Willebrand disease, and her youngest son self infuses with factor at home.

“I know what individuals with bleeding disorders go through on a day-to-day basis. Sharing my own personal experiences with healthcare payers and physicians helps demonstrate the value of the services that Diplomat provides.”
Amy E. Clarke, RN

Program Manager, Specialty Infusion Services

Amy is a registered nurse and has been in the infusion pharmacy industry for 18 years. She draws upon extensive experience in biopharmacy feels very strongly about the importance of educating both patients and clinicians about bleeding disorders and factor administration.

“For me one of the best parts about being a nurse is being able to take a potentially frightening situation and break it down into something less overwhelming and more manageable for a patient and their family. Connecting and teaching in such a way that it makes sense and is useful.”
Penny Erickson

Patient Care Coordinator

Penny has been working in pharmacy for 34 years. The care and time she takes with each patient is something she takes to heart, and it is very evident to those of us who witness her dedication.

“It is all about providing the same level of care that I would want for me or my family. It’s more than just meeting their needs and filling their prescriptions. It’s about caring.”