Our customized program keeps your HIV treatment on track

If you’re living with HIV, meeting the daily requirements of your therapy takes discipline. Even newly diagnosed HIV patients may require complex medication regimens and personal pharmaceutical care. At Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy, we developed our HIV Navigator Program to make it easier for you to stay on track. In addition, using us for all your medications allows us to watch for potential drug interactions or side effects particular to patients living with HIV and AIDS.

Through our HIV Navigator program, we provide your medications in an easy HIV Navigator Medication CarePak™, which helps you stay on top of your routine thanks to the convenient onePAC™ packaging system. In addition to individual support you receive from our HIV team, here are the advantages of CarePaks:

  • You receive your daily, oral medications in individual, clear plastic pouches. This convenient packaging makes it easier to stay organized and stick to your medication schedule.
  • If you’re ever in doubt, you and your caregiver can easily determine if you have taken your medications for the day simply by looking to see if the medications are still in the CarePak.
  • CarePaks can be customized to include virtually all medications in one convenient place.
  • It’s easy to separate individual pouches, simplifying your routine when traveling, going out for the evening, or similar situations.

We offer a full line of medications for HIV and other infectious diseases, including antiviral drugs, antiretroviral drugs, and growth factors.

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Check out more information in our HIV infographic.