We understand great care.

In fact, we have decades of experience helping patients live longer, happier lives. We’ll work seamlessly with your office during every step of the prescription process.

We’re confident in our ability to help with prior-authorizations, funding, and more. We can also assist with denial and appeal processes. In fact, our appeals team has a 88.75-percent success rate.*

*88.75 percent success rate. Diplomat’s Appeals Team Results, Q1 2014. [r0025] This success rate is based on the number of approved prior authorization requests that have completed the appeals process.

Nothing should stand in the way.

We’re proud of our funding department’s success in helping patients. In 2013, Diplomat helped to provide patients with access to over $24 million in assistance.

Our national shipping center, located in Michigan, allows us to dispense medications to patients across the country. Our nationwide nursing network can help your patients with injection training, too, no matter where you practice.

Our team improves outcomes through adherence.

It’s our priority to help patients understand how to follow your prescribed treatments. We’ll help with unwanted side effects and explain any complicated dosing schedules.

Our system of refills, renewals and reminders will help your patients stay on track. And we’ll take care of lab coordination so you know when your patients are following your prescribed treatments.

Though national adherence averages are between 43 and 78 percent,** Diplomat’s patients average over 90 percent.***

 **Lars Osterberg, M.D. and Terrence Blashke, M.D., “Adherence to Medication,” New England Journal of Medicine (August 2005): 487.
***Based on average capped MPR, Q1 2014.